Voter Information

Map of Ward 8

To vote for Garry Tanuan in Ward 8 you must be classified as an “English Catholic” voter:

  • Option 1: Call Voter Information 416.338.1111 press “0” and ask someone to help you to check or change your status.
  • Option 2: When you go vote, be sure to ask the people at the information counter / voting desk that you wish to vote as a “Catholic English” voter.
  • Go to the Toronto Voter Information website
  • Click on “Start using My Vote”
  • Scroll down to enter your address and complete required information to find yourself on the voters list.
  • Click “Lookup” and “Update Voter Information”
  • Under “School Support Tab” highlight “English Catholic
  • Complete all information including any yes/no questions
  • Click “Update”